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A mother and sister

I was born into the early part of the Baby Boomer generation, the 3rd of what came to be a family of 6 daughters. Although both our parents, who are now deceased, had been raised in rural Natal (now KwaZulu-Natal) and the 2 eldest daughters were born in a country town, the other 4 of us were all born at home in Durban. So first and foremost I am a daughter and sister who lived my first 13 years on the Bluff, Durban. It was a wonderful free childhood even though we were not financially wealthy. Our Dad built a super see-saw which also went in circles as well as a double swing set on which we could swing really high. We always had lots of local children in the garden as well. Those were the days when children could play in the side streets and doors were always left open. With my older sisters I did the first 8 years of schooling on the Bluff and, as our mother retained all our school reports, I see that I was good at academics but useless in any form of sport.

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