Be brave and take the plunge – I did

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Taking the plunge is not an easy or simple thing to do but there are times when we have to. I have done so 3 times over the past three years – written a book, got a website and finally learnt how to blog – and all of that post retirement. My book is not a great novel but I believe it should be in every home as we are all going to need its advice at some time in our lives.

It is in this that I encourage everyone to really take the plunge and not be afraid to talk about death and dying. Unfortunately it will happen to every one of us. Methulesah lived to over 900 but he died. It is said that modern medicine will lengthen lives at that children born in this century could live to 150. Even if that happens they will still die. None of us is immortal! The truth is that all those issues against which we may no longer discriminate, colour, class. creed, sexual orientation, size, shape, ability etc etc have never been discriminated against in death. Not even age! In the past year, I know of at least 5 persons who have died and they range in age from 2 – 99 years.

If this is fact why do we not want to talk about it; what are we frightened of? I did a quick look on Google and found that there are 590 000 000 sites talking about weddings & marriage; over 700 000 000 talking about birth and babies and just 470 000 000 talking about death and most of those are on counselling and preparing a dying person for their death. It was difficul to find one that says we should really tell others and find out from them what preparations have been made for our own deaths.

The number of deaths in South Africa on a daily basis is apalling. If statistics are to be believed, and over 18000 people die suddenly (accidents, murder etc) in SA every year this means that at least another 18000 (usually more if one takes into account all family menbers) have to deal with a sudden death every year. How many of those 18000, besides those who have to cope with a natural death, know what to do when a person dies. I can assure you that it is complicated business. If you know what to do step-by-step it makes it so much easier and that is where my book is so handy. It is written so that anyone can undertand and follow the processes. Order it now!

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