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This is a possible list of what a person may have. It is not exhaustive and there may be items which do not pertain to yourself.

Last Updated: 25 September 2017

Personal documents

Birth certificates, Marriage certificate, ANC & Will and other documents which may be needed are WHERE ARE THESE KEPT?

Regular income received

Medical Aid – Plan & Membership No.

Tax number(s) (not your PIN if you do e-filing)

Bank accounts (Numbers only)

Insurance Household and Vehicle insurance policy with Policy type & No.; Brokers

Retirement Annuities Numbers and with which company


Monthly/Annual Accounts

Indicate in whose name the account is paid, account number, whether monthly or annual using an asterix or similar, by debit order, received by e-mail or hard copy or any information which will reduce the burden of the Executor. Eg Rates, lights, DSTV, stores, telephone etc

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