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The Estate Late Account

Currently my husband is the Executor of an estate and I am assisting him with some of the preparation of records and e-mails and we are learning all the time. As said in my book at the top of page … Continue reading

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It takes time to wind up an estate

Still waiting for my inheritance! “Why does the winding up of an estate, even where there is a Will, take so long”? is a question so many folk ask. Some are completed in a matter of months whereas others can … Continue reading

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ID theft and false death claims

ID theft is growing very fast all around the world, especially as so much of our personal information is now digital. We are regularly asked to produce photocopies of our ID or Passport information or it is placed on to … Continue reading

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Acting as Executor

Although all of this is new information that we have learnt over the last couple of months I am putting it into a blog format rather than under the Tab of updates as it is a large amount of information … Continue reading

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Reminder: Keep those certificates and papers

In October last year I posted an article entitled “Keep those certificates” on my ideas website as it was considering certificates in general. This article looks at those needed post death. In recent weeks I have discovered more and more the importance … Continue reading

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Can we live in a paperless world?

All those papers we accumulate to register various moments in our lives and confirming the steps we have taken on a daily basis are very important. They may be a nuisance as they take up a bit of space but … Continue reading

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Funeral traditions of different cultures

 This past Sunday morning, on my way to church, I was listening to the radio. The discussion was a description of what was happening in Qunu, Eastern Cape, the childhood home and now final resting place of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. … Continue reading

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Please release me, Let me go

I often wonder if declared progress in the medical field is always good.  There is no doubt that people live longer these days and much of that is due to better medical care as well as better knowledge of healthy … Continue reading

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Of what are we afraid?

Why are we afraid of death and dying?  Are we afraid of death itself or of the dying process? For many, dying can take a very long time while for others it is instantaneous or comes quickly after a diagnosis … Continue reading

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Social Media and your demise

Have you any idea what happens to your social media sites when you die.  When I wrote my book, The Legal Aspects of Dying, I did not give a thought to social media sites and whether our own will continue … Continue reading

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